I want a change… Do you?

11 05 2012

Every day, millions of people do exactly what society sets as “standards.” Many try to stand out and look better. Sometimes it isn’t always good. However, I want to be different in the way where I won’t sit back and watch everyone else be normal. There are many things we see that are unfair. Saying. “Life isn’t fair” is an ignorant statement in itself. Life can be fair if we make it so. Speaking out, voicing your opinion, and expressing what you feel should have more of an impact then a person who tells you to leave it as it is. If you see it is unfair, STAND UP. BE DIFFERENT!

Life has too many joys to experience, but when that one person says it isn’t yours to have, don’t you feel that tiny bit of resentment? Where I’m going with this may just stay within this blog, or it could reach out to millions and share the idea that your voice is the most powerful thing. Don’t let society downtrodden you with thoughts that no matter how hard you try, you’ll never change it. Look around and tell me if what you see satisfies you. Of course, there are those things that will never change, but there are the things only you can change.

Let me ask you something. If you held the power of change in your hand, and you knew something was wrong, would you change it? It really might only take a few words, but a few words are enough to bring the seed of an idea. That seed could grow into a strong and healthy tree, and can be turned into the bridge towards change. The best part about bridges is that you can lead whoever you want across it. They can follow, or they can stay behind. But when you look back, who is the one who really lost out on advancing towards the future? They did, and you didn’t. Another thing is that when a bridge is built above a river, it can be used to avoid danger and help others cross it. The idea is the same with change. There will be “rivers” you have to cross, and “bridges” you have to build, but in the end, you finished and left your imprint of your ideas into the world.

If the world truly is a stage, it needs a voice – your voice.

I stopped writing for a long time, and only wrote when I needed to. However, I am motivated by the will to shape the world with the mold of my ideas. If you know you could change it, would you? Right now, I’m taking my first step to change it.




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