Society Needs a Change and a Voice to Start it

11 12 2012

How is it that some people can be so carefree in this world overrun with chaos? There is so much to do and so many moments to seize while working hard to make it through the day. Every moment happens once, and once only. The value of a single time in our life sometimes diminishes to nothing because we only have a good moment every now and then. Many wish they could have good moments in their lives all the time. Nobody can have everything, but we still try. As humans, we will keep trying no matter what. However, the problem lies withing society’s acceptance of the standard types of remarks. One of them is calling it ‘life.’ But is it really? I believe it doesn’t have to be this way. We shouldn’t live in the fear of being wrong and standing down. We shouldn’t be forced to push back our thoughts of resistance. There is so much happening in the world right now that something needs to be done. It is hard to see that everybody just goes along with what authorities say. If there’s something morally wrong or incorrect, we shouldn’t be afraid to voice it. But to put it simply, most of us are. There will never be a change if nobody recognizes it and begins the change. If it is necessary for you to become the bad guy, then so be it. Even though nobody wants to be remembered as a bad person, history will always need a villain to take the blame of the world’s problems. They will look for the person to accuse rather than fix it themselves. But if you believe in this strong enough, you will do whatever it takes to make your dreams reality.

Someday, when everything goes truly corrupt and we lose sight of the morals we hold highest, we will also lose control of the world. Things are getting worse everyday, slowly but surely. Eventually there will be nothing left to hold on to and we won’t need anybody to tell us how messed up everything is. Before it’s too late, we can start this change. If you want, go ahead and call it a revolution. It is possible, and it can start with a single word. The world is a stage and it needs a voice; your voice. Let that voice be the voice of many, and let it be shouldered by you as you would carry on with those many moments of happiness you wish to bring about.




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