About Kyle Chu

My name (as probably already know) is Kyle Chu. I consider myself a writer and poet, but I love business and technology, too. I have an interest in writing inspirational things, so I may post a few things relating to that. One thing I value most is the friends I have. You could say I’m loyal, but I just like having someone there to give me a hand when I need one or pull me up when lifes knock me down. And of course, I’d do just the same and a little more for them.

This paragraph I am writing right now is a year from the others, and I feel the same way. This time, I’m coming back with the purpose of renewing ideas that were lost within the strands of phrases people throw at us. Things they say such as, “Don’t do it, just leave it be.” anger me because everyone has a right to express their own thought. Now tell me, have you wanted to stand up? Have you ever been so fed up you felt like the world wasn’t there for you? Well all you need is that one, short step up from blending in to speaking out and voicing your opinion. If the world truly is a stage, give it a voice; your voice.

There are a few interesting things to know about me, such as the fact that I’m a drummer and I am aspiring to become a speech writer. I highly encourage people to voice their own opinions, and I hate it when people lie. I am also into some technology and I listen to dubstep a lot. That’s pretty much it at the moment.


5 responses

28 10 2010
Annalina Martinez

T-he I gots to go potty!

16 11 2010

that is great kyle

1 12 2010

dude thanks for the advice and come on i like the way you lie honestly

16 02 2011

dude nice website man

16 02 2011

please subscribe to my website (nick9876.wordpress.com) like i did your website

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