Society Needs a Change and a Voice to Start it

11 12 2012

How is it that some people can be so carefree in this world overrun with chaos? There is so much to do and so many moments to seize while working hard to make it through the day. Every moment happens once, and once only. The value of a single time in our life sometimes diminishes to nothing because we only have a good moment every now and then. Many wish they could have good moments in their lives all the time. Nobody can have everything, but we still try. As humans, we will keep trying no matter what. However, the problem lies withing society’s acceptance of the standard types of remarks. One of them is calling it ‘life.’ But is it really? I believe it doesn’t have to be this way. We shouldn’t live in the fear of being wrong and standing down. We shouldn’t be forced to push back our thoughts of resistance. There is so much happening in the world right now that something needs to be done. It is hard to see that everybody just goes along with what authorities say. If there’s something morally wrong or incorrect, we shouldn’t be afraid to voice it. But to put it simply, most of us are. There will never be a change if nobody recognizes it and begins the change. If it is necessary for you to become the bad guy, then so be it. Even though nobody wants to be remembered as a bad person, history will always need a villain to take the blame of the world’s problems. They will look for the person to accuse rather than fix it themselves. But if you believe in this strong enough, you will do whatever it takes to make your dreams reality.

Someday, when everything goes truly corrupt and we lose sight of the morals we hold highest, we will also lose control of the world. Things are getting worse everyday, slowly but surely. Eventually there will be nothing left to hold on to and we won’t need anybody to tell us how messed up everything is. Before it’s too late, we can start this change. If you want, go ahead and call it a revolution. It is possible, and it can start with a single word. The world is a stage and it needs a voice; your voice. Let that voice be the voice of many, and let it be shouldered by you as you would carry on with those many moments of happiness you wish to bring about.



24 06 2012

I dream…
Of a beautiful world where everyone knows the value of a life, and everyone lives accordingly with one another. As any other, no world is perfect, and no world can maintain peace forever. However, ‘no’ is another way of saying ‘what hasn’t been done,’ which means it’s possible if we work hard enough to achieve it. Of course, a dream isn’t called a dream for nothing, especially when it’s meant to be fulfilled.
Of a world where the amazing azure skies sparkle with the hopes and dreams of the youth. I also dream that that youth is the one raised to believe in themselves, and to coexist with every possibilty. I want a world where children see the adults as rolemodels as they strive for success. And I hope that that very youth is the one where they are free, mature, and treated with dignity and respect.
Of a world where race, gender, nor beliefs lead a man to judge another. I believe the world would be better if it functioned on true personalities and dreams, and not the most trivial of thoughts.
Of a world where the seas are as vast as the happiness that exists in the flourishing cities across the world. And I dream that everyone will one day find their salvation that they deserve, and the reasons to keep moving forward that they need.
Of a world where the wind can be left undisturbed and wishfully brushe across the crisp valleys and plains. And as the clock turns, the time does not matter as long as you have the reasons.
Of a world where we are not so blinded and overrun by technology that we cannot see the common morals of society.
Of a world that runs on the belief that anything is possible, and that we all were made for a reason, and we live to find that reason.
Of a world where our memories aren’t tainted with the bad, but enveloped by the beauty of it all.

I dream, of a world. It is the world I want to see when I wake up many, many years from now, and smile while looking back when I made this dream. It is a dream we may share, and it is also a world you make show distaste for. However, I encourage you to make your own dreams to live up to, and to work hard to bring about in the future. You can do anyhing you set your heart and mind to.

Remember to be free, be faithful, be happy, and be thankful of everything this world has to offer.

Remember to stay loyal to what you believe in.

14 05 2012

If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that belief is what drives the world. Belief and hope, to be exact. It is always true that either of those could make or break you. They could mean the difference between life and death, and have always proved to motivate people. They have given reason and power to lost dreams and help fulfill what others strive to achieve. Without out belief and hope, the world would not be what it is today, or what it will be in the future.

“Until the end, remain defiant so that what you believe shall prevail. Because with every last breathe and every last glimpse of your dream, you can shape the future and the world. Know what you want, and eventually it shall be yours if you try hard enough.”

I want a change… Do you?

11 05 2012

Every day, millions of people do exactly what society sets as “standards.” Many try to stand out and look better. Sometimes it isn’t always good. However, I want to be different in the way where I won’t sit back and watch everyone else be normal. There are many things we see that are unfair. Saying. “Life isn’t fair” is an ignorant statement in itself. Life can be fair if we make it so. Speaking out, voicing your opinion, and expressing what you feel should have more of an impact then a person who tells you to leave it as it is. If you see it is unfair, STAND UP. BE DIFFERENT!

Life has too many joys to experience, but when that one person says it isn’t yours to have, don’t you feel that tiny bit of resentment? Where I’m going with this may just stay within this blog, or it could reach out to millions and share the idea that your voice is the most powerful thing. Don’t let society downtrodden you with thoughts that no matter how hard you try, you’ll never change it. Look around and tell me if what you see satisfies you. Of course, there are those things that will never change, but there are the things only you can change.

Let me ask you something. If you held the power of change in your hand, and you knew something was wrong, would you change it? It really might only take a few words, but a few words are enough to bring the seed of an idea. That seed could grow into a strong and healthy tree, and can be turned into the bridge towards change. The best part about bridges is that you can lead whoever you want across it. They can follow, or they can stay behind. But when you look back, who is the one who really lost out on advancing towards the future? They did, and you didn’t. Another thing is that when a bridge is built above a river, it can be used to avoid danger and help others cross it. The idea is the same with change. There will be “rivers” you have to cross, and “bridges” you have to build, but in the end, you finished and left your imprint of your ideas into the world.

If the world truly is a stage, it needs a voice – your voice.

I stopped writing for a long time, and only wrote when I needed to. However, I am motivated by the will to shape the world with the mold of my ideas. If you know you could change it, would you? Right now, I’m taking my first step to change it.